Reasons to Love your iPhone 6

Reasons to Love your iPhone 6A few words will not be enough to describe the versatility iPhone 6 and 6 plus, offers to its users. The latest IOS apps are even more wonderful to help enhance the functions of your iPhone 6. Many shoppers have been looking for ways to buy their iPhone 6 in the best price possible. You can fulfil your wish from Visit it for more details about the purchase. There are lot of things to love about Apple’s iPhone. Now with bigger display size and thinner design, it has become visually attractive as well. When you are using an iPhone, it signifies class and creates a distinct identity for you.

Millions of devices have got sold since its launch. The incredible success of iPhone 6 has led to the invention of many astonishing IOS apps which is user friendly and life changing. The versatility of IOS apps is far more that the android apps. There would not be a single iPhone user who would be left unsatisfied with its features. Get to know iPhone 6 more deeply and your desire for buying it will increase two folds. It comes with an improved touch ID sensor.

Specially the iPhone 6 plus has a better ID system. It allows instantaneous transition from lock screen to home screen. The best part is, you can greatly rely on the touch ID sensor. There is no hassle of setting a pass code as it becomes cumbersome if you have to use your phone more often. Live photos is yet another feature, you will love about your iPhone 6. With this feature your device would capture frames and sounds 1.5 seconds after and before you press the shutter button. The picture resolution is amazing. You can also make a GIF like photo which has sound. Try out this feature and you will never stop using it. It is a very unique system in iPhone 6.

You can also easily share these live photos with anyone using iOS. This new device is easy to hold and durable as well. A different kind of aluminium design is given to the new iPhone 6. With curvy corners that’s thinner, it gives an amazing ultra-feeling for the users to use it. The new seal in it also protects it from water. This is an added protection with the iPhone 6 that makes it advantageous for people going and living around water bodies .Apps run quicker than before on iOS.

The all new iOS 8 is faster like never before. This enables the apps to run at a far better speed. There is a noticeable difference in speed if you compare iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 or 6 plus. With such new amazing features, iPhone 6 has become the most wanted phone in the world. Almost everyone wants to have one. All thanks to the amazing technology Apple has got in its house. The rear camera allows you to capture very impressive image which will be loved by people who like to click a lot of photos.

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