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Established in the late eighties and was officially in the market by early nineties, BskyB or British sky Broadcasting A, provides a variety of services in the UK. We were the first company to come up with pay TV service here in the UK. We also offer other services; mobile broadband connection
While using our services, a query might arise. Whether it be your pay TV subscription queries, mobile broadband connection, or even troubleshooting network issues with your sky TV, sky contact us on 0844 800 3115 to help our team help you. Other issues such as resetting your sky box or renewing your sky account might necessitate the need for you to get some clear information from our customer care team. Again, you are advised to contact them. They operate on weekdays from 8:00am-10:00pm and during the weekends from 8:00am-9:00pm.
They are always ready at your service and it is best advisable that before making your call, you should have your account details readily available. This helps to speed up the process and save your time such that you will not have too many questions to answer; because your account number provides most of the necessary information that can be used to help you. Also, you will not have to wait to be connected from a 2nd party as your phone calls reach us directly without any other party involved.
Other contact numbers
· 0843 515 8193
· 0844 800 0040
· 0800 759 759
For our customers with queries from overseas, they can reach us at +64 9525 55555
All phone calls that you make to us are billed at 7p per minute. Although other charges from your network service providers will be incurred.
Contacting us by phone, will get you served faster and effectively as the responsible department in our customer service unit will be on your case as soon as you lay it across.
Sky, believe in better.

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The Best Online Photo Storage

Photos carry a lot of memories and are the perfect way to treasure a moment. This is why ones photo collection should be stored well online in a store that cannot get destroyed. Photos taken of a certain moment can never be retaken when the moment is gone. This is why you should get the best online photo storage in 2015. The best accounts for photo sharing are sometimes also the best for storing treasured pics. This is why Google + is still one of the favorites for photo storage. This is despite the fact that Google doesn’t seem to consider photos as part of their big plan.

About 900 billion photos are uploaded online every year. Still, more billions of photos are saved in the cameras, memory cards, and the memory of our phones. These pictures end up deleted or simply discarded when the phone gets spoilt. Using dedicated photo storing services is very crucial and especially if they capture special moments. Amazon has introduced great storage for your photos and it is free. This service comes as part of Amazon Prime, which will cost you $99. The Apple iCloud is also awesome due to its enormous storage space. There is iCloud photo stream which is free and Photo Library with more space.

Dropbox also has an app for backing up your photos called Carousel. Flickr is Yahoo’s vulnerable yet reliable photo solution. Despite huge setbacks it seems to have come back in the recent couple of years. You could also choose to store your photos on Instagram though it is more of a photo sharing account. Some other online photo storage solutions include PictureLife, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Snug Mug and of course Facebook and Twitter. The latter two make it possible for random people to tag you in photos and this is annoying. Google + is still the best free option when it comes to online photo storage.

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IT Support in the Workplace


In the modern era of internet and computers, most businesses and companies are dependent upon computer technology in the day to day operations of businesses and office spaces. Whenever a technical problem occurs, IT support staff can help get a business get back up and running with minimal downtime. Many companies and workplaces have their own IT staff, but those that don’t can be helped by hiring separate IT companies that have become as important and necessary as banks and supply companies.
If you and your coworkers are like many people, you may be clueless when it comes to computers besides the simple tasks such as creating documents and corresponding via email and other means of communication. Whenever your computers, printers, scanners, etc. break down an IT specialist is the person who can help you get back on track. So what exactly is IT? IT stands for Information Technology and is also commonly known as technical support. IT has everything to do with computer-based information technology and is primarily used to solve a specific problem.
There are many ways you can seek IT support and different types of support, whether it be for a simple computer glitch or a larger issue such as a computer being down entirely. Usually, whenever a person buys a computer or laptop, it comes with a guarantee, which provides free IT support for a certain amount time. If no guarantee is provided, there are numerous companies in most major areas and cities such as London and even in smaller suburban towns for a charge agreed upon. The IT industry has boomed as the global communication network has, thus finding the technical support you need is a very simple task. Companies already using IT often have teams already working in support of the company and also have back up plans in place should something go wrong. Certain stores that sell computer equipment can also help resolve an IT issue, IT help is available to everyone. As for businesses, many employ their own specialized IT staff while others hire outside help.
There are three main types of IT support, Time and material, Managed service, and Block Hours. Time and material is how most IT support companies operate, material is paid for by the customer and technicians charge a specific fee for the time it takes a technician to fix and solve the issue, sort of in the same way a mechanic would charge for parts and labor cost. Block hours meanwhile is a certain amount of hours that a company would pay to have a technician available whenever one would be needed. Lastly, managed services consists of a negotiated price to have IT support available to customers or for a technician to visit when a problem occurs and help is needed, often times a company will pay to have 24 hour support available for their customers and clients. No matter what technical problem you may have, there is always someone available to help fix your problem as the IT industry is huge. IT is such nowadays that you should never be stuck without knowing what to do.

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